Option 1: $200
Includes 1 hour photography session
2 different looks/outfits 
2.5 hours of editing time 
7 retouched high-resolution images
A $50 deposit will be required
Option 2: $350
Includes 2 hours photography session
Up to 4 different looks/outfits 
5 hours of editing time 
14 retouched high-resolution images
A $100 deposit will be required
Additional Options:
Additional images: $50 per 3 additional images
3 additional edited images
Advanced editing or conversions: $25/hour
Advanced editing: Removal of scars or heavy blemishes
Converting images to color or B&W
Editing time will need to be confirmed by the photographer
Studio Rental: $100-200 for a 2-hour session
A list of studios will be provided for you to choose from
This fee will need to be paid upfront and will be sent directly to the studio to reserve an agreed upon time and date
Any need to change or cancel the date will be subject to the studio’s rental agreement and is usually non-refundable.